Night Call



Rip Them Off 

A puzzle/tower defence game, when I was brought onboard there was zero copy or narrative identity for the game. Working with the designers, I created and implemented the entire narrative identity.

The brief/messy first pass on tone, and example copy

Creation/design doc for tutorial.

Chinatown Detective Agency

A neo-noir detective game inspired by the old Carmen Sandiego games, I was brought on early in the development process to create marketing materials and micro-fiction for the game’s social media campaign.

Steam page


Social media posts

Steam Pages

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End

The new game from several ex-Obsidian developers, I worked with the director and narrative team to craft an entertaining and enticing


An interesting project created by a single developer, I worked in collaboration with the marketing crew and the dev to create the below:

I’ve several other Steam pages under my belt, so if you need further examples let me know!

Personal work:

The Contract

A IF game made for a small writer’s group. Short, but with multiple outcomes, characters and contracts.

A Most Bestartling Crime

My entry to inkJam 2018, made over two days.


An experiment with ink’s variables system, this extremely brief multi-choice copy has several endings based on state tracking.

The Ever After (unfinished)

My first go at a Twine game, this was…abandoned after getting a little too complex and winding for a small personal project.

(all art by Marie-Cecile Godwin: @mcgodwinpaccard )


Night Call

As well as writing several characters for the game I also edited and proofread the other 250 000 words of Night Call. The process here was to work closely with both the writer and translators (the original text being in French) to hone the translated copy into a version that read well in English and matched the intentions of the writer. Sometimes this meant long conversations about the translation of French puns into English or the significance of specific words, other times it was trying to figure out if the gaming world was ready for the use of “alright” over “all right” (conclusion: it was not).

REALTIME: Making Digital China

A different experience, this: I was asked to edit and proofread a collection of short essays on and about the intermingling of Chinese culture and tech. A subject I knew very little about, it was fascinating working with the authors and curators to create the best version of each article while maintaining a tonal cohesion across the entire book