Night Call – Proofreading and copy edit lead, writer.

IxDA Interaction 18 website – Proofreading and copy edit lead.

Lyon City Guide, IxDA Interaction 18 – Copywriting lead.


A Most Bestartling Crime – My submission to inkjam 2018 gamejam, made over 2 days.

The Ever After – Early Access Interaction Fiction game created in the Twine engine.

Ever After development diary:


Unusually Interesting – The world of game UIs.

Many Worlds Theory – On the joy of tabletop RPGs.

Shame and The Horror – Companion pieces discussing the merits of game narratives.

Happy Dayz – How a system with no rules lead to a game with no limits.

Travel writing

Gato – A month as a Bolivian jaguar wrangler.

Melange – A pedestrian recreation of the greatest movie ever sold.

Time – Farewell to an adopted home.


The Luddite Complex – YouTube is the technology that broke me.

Titanium Alloy – A brush with celebrity.

Nineteen Eighty-Three-and-a-Half – An analysis of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

World building

Dryne, City of Words – Creation of a believable and interesting world in which to set a series of short stories, and for future use as a tabletop RPG or game setting.

A Most Unexpected Journey – A short introduction to the setting.

Radio Free Kazakhstan – Primer sheet for a cyberpunk themed tabletop RPG.